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The purpose of this page and the contained linked pages is to post new lower division course number proposals and to maintain a history of the proposals, including descriptions, outcomes, any discussion, and approval dates. Please try to post proposals 2 months prior to an OCCC meeting; once you have all of the info posted, then send a message to the OCCC listserver to notify everyone of the posting and invite discussion and comments.

To add a new line, copy the the last table row block in the table below and edit each section of the table row block to create a new entry. Include your email address link (see the examples) and edit the copied table row block to update each of the cells to your proposed number and title. This will also create a new page to contain the class details which should show the Number, Title, Description, and Outcomes (3-5 outcomes are adaquate).

Here is a template page to copy and paste for your course details page Course details page template. You can open the editor of this page, copy all of the contents, and paste it into the newly created page for your proposed course.

To comment on a new proposal, click on the proposal title link to the details page. Read through the proposal info and then click on the "discussion" tab on that page to add any discussion issues that seem appropriate. At the next OCCC meeting, each proposal will be reviewed, including any notes on the discussion page, and the proposal will be voted upon.

Proposed course number list & history

Proposed Number Title
link to info page
Submitted by
email link
CS290 Web application development 4 Calvin Hughes
Oregon State University
03/05/2014 05/09/2014
CIS242 Technology Entrepreneurship 3 Chris Williamson
Southern Oregon Community College
01/22/2015 05/08/2015
CIS165 Mobile application development 4 Chris Williamson
Southern Oregon Community College
02/3/2015 Not approved under this number, will use CIS234x
CIS121 Intro to Information Systems and Programming 4 Marc Goodman
Portland Community College
10/19/2019 4/24/2020
CIS175 Introduction to SQL 4 Joseph Colton
LaneCommunity College
10/18/2021 10/22/2021
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