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Links of Interest Submitted by OCCC Members

Oregon department of Employment 2013 study on Software workforce in Oregon:


Submitted by Mitch Fry, WOU (5/2/2013)

2007 Report "Learning Outcomes Guide" prepared for ETIC by  David Conley.

This study undertook a standards development process designed to yield the first set of explicit preengineering learning outcomes that could then used to align high school and postsecondary, entry-level
engineering courses. The process led to the development of learning outcomes for content knowledge, key
cognitive strategies, and teaching practices that reflect the content and intellectual goals of best practice in
pre-engineering education.


The URL for the listing of ALL online classes at the Oregon Community Colleges is http://oregoncollegesonline.com/index.html.

Submitted by Jay Bockelman, OIT (4/22/08)

Information on the [misc/HealthInformaticsFactSheet.doc Health Informatics program at OIT]. Contact Michael for additional information.

Submitted by Jay Bockelman, OIT (4/30/08)

An article from the Seattle Times regarding the shortage of CS graduates in Washington State: "[wou/seattle_times_whiz_kids.pdf Where'd The Whiz Kids Go? ]"

Submitted by Bob Broeg, WOU (11/2/06)

IC3 Practice Exams

Produced by DCC and distributed by Teknimedia, BMCC is using these exams to test students for computer literacy. A demo version of these tests can be downloaded from http://teknimedia.com/html/ic3_prep_tests.html.

Submitted by Ron Wallace, BMCC (10/27/06)

Computer Literacy AAOT Requirement - White Paper (May 10, 2006)

  • [AAOT-WhitePaper/AAOT-WhitePaper.doc Word Format]
  • [AAOT-WhitePaper/AAOT-WhitePaper.pdf PDF Format]

Submitted by the OCCC
Authors: Bob Broeg (WOU), Cindy Brown (PSU), Mitch Fry (ChCC), David Todd (MHCC), & Ron Wallace (BMCC)

The following link is the URL for the HTML version of the NRCs report on information technology literacy, or as they chose to term it, Fluency in Information Technology (FITness).


Submitted by: David Todd, MHCC (5/5/05)

Information for the gaming curriculum framework is being producing by the International Game Developers Association. The main web page is at www.igda.org, a nd the curriculum framework is found at www.igda.org/academia.

Submitted by: Bob Broeg, Western Oregon University (5/2/05)

Here's the information about setting up Security programs. It's a Report sponsored by NSF and the American Assoc. of Community Colleges. It's called "Protecting Information - The Role of Community Colleges in Cybersecurity Education" The address to get it from is:
Community COllege PRess
American Association of Community COlleges
One Dupont Circle, NW
Suite 410
Washington, DC 20036-1176


Submitted by Linda Loft, Lane CC (4/29/03)

SOFTWARE TRAINING PROGRAM TARGETS COMMUNITY COLLEGES: A training program that aims to help information technology instructors at technical and community colleges keep current on new technologies. According to Duncan G. Burgess of the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, there is typically a gap of 18 to 24 months between when new software is available in the commercial sector and when IT instructors at community colleges are trained on it. The project, funded largely by Microsoft, will start in Washington and Texas, with plans to include all 50 states within 5 years. Topics for the training will include Java, Linux, and network security. Chronicle of Higher Education, 26 April 2002 http://chronicle.com/free/2002/04/2002042601t.htm

Submitted by Mike Johnson, OSU (4/26/02)

Useful site for teaching Computer Ethics: http://www.cyberspacelaw.org/

Submitted by Jane Ritter, U of O (11/26/01)

Department of Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) web site was at http://www.odccwd.state.or.us/colleges/publications (link is no longer active).

Submitted by Dennis Heckman, PCC (11/9/01)

This is the reference to the article that says Oregon is projected to triple its core IT work force. http://www.ta.doc.gov/reports/itsw/execsumm.htm

Submitted by Linda Anderson, Clackmas CC (11/8/99)

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