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Welcome to the OCCC Wiki (

For the promotion and coordination of computing curriculum among the public community colleges and universities in Oregon.

The purpose of this web site is to provide a means for sharing information among members of the OCCC (Oregon's 17 Community Colleges and 7 Universities) and other interested parties. Although the OCCC is primarily concerned with computer related course offerings, programs, and degrees at public community colleges in Oregon, our membership also includes representatives from the Oregon public universities.

This website is an archive of the original web home of OCCC; you can reach the new site at This archive wiki will be completely retired in 2023. If there is a resource here that is missing from the new site that you believe to be important, please contact Andrew Scholer

For help in using and contributing to this Wiki, consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. For information on the purpose of this site and guidelines on using the content contained in this site see the OCCCWiki goals page. The credits page lists all of the major content moderators.

NOTE: due to on-going hacking/site vandalism, I have been forced to tighten security up a bit. Anonymous page editing and auto site registration are no longer allowed. To get an account on OCCCWiki, you will need to email Rick Carino with your request for a login; include your school affiliation, desired user name, and email address that I can use for OCCC replies.

OCCC Pages

OCCC Curriculum & Advising Resources

AS/OT-CS info & resources

CS transfer/lower division curriculum

Other sources for online and open license text books: online & open licensed texts

CIS CTE/2 year curriculum

Secondary (HS) collaborative curriculum projects and resources

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