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HS Discrete Math and Computational Thinking topic modules

This area is a temporary location for an online library of learning modules and instructional resources for the new Oregon HS discrete math course. Development of the content here is being supported by a grant from ETIC to TechStart of Oregon and supported by Chemeketa Community College. This content collection may move or be replicated on TechStart or OCSTA servers sometime in the future.

Why Discrete Math Is Important?
What are some common problems that Discrete Math can help us solve?

ODE HS discrete math curriculum guide

Library of learning modules (by ODE topic area)

D.1: Set Theory D.2: Relations and Functions D.3: Modular Arithmetic
D.4: Graph Theory D.5: Combinatorics and Discrete Probability D.6: Sequences and Series
D.7: Recurrence, Recursion and Induction D.8: Logic D.9: Social Choice
D.10: Game Theory D.11: Coding Theory, Compression and Cryptography D.12: Algorithm Design

Library of learning modules (Compressed file collections)

Discrete Math - Java exercises (from Don Kirkwood's class)
Discrete Math - Problems set (from Don Kirkwood's class)
Discrete Math topic overview slides (from Terrel Smith's class)
CS160 tutorials and labs (from Mitch Fry's CS160 class)
4-week Scratch 1.4 learning module (from Kathy Roberson's class)
4-week Python 3.2 learning module (from Kathy Roberson's class)

Templates, Guidelines, Course approval support documents

Guidelines and templates for submitting new learning modules, and pilot course application

HS Discrete Math curriculum resources

  • Materials from Mitch Fry's CS160 course (includes some OSU and Virginia Tech materials). Click on the CS160 tab and look at each of the lab modules; most will fit under the ODE discrete math guidelines.
  • CS Online. Animations for Improving the Effectiveness of Learning Some Computer Science Topics, Virginia Tech. Used in Chemeketa's and PCC's CS160 courses.

HS Discrete Math (CS0) top page

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