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This is an online, interactive text for exploring the concepts and topics normally taught in the ACM CS2 course. This online text as of Spring 2009 does have quite a bit of content, but is currently under development and certainly not close to complete. Credits to the primary content contributors


Data Structures and Abstract Data Types

A data structure is a means of organizing data in a computer’s memory to try to optimize either the memory usage or the time to access the data. This brings up the classic trade-off in Computer Science: the trade-off between Time and Space. In most situations today, it seems that we are primarily interested in minimizing the Time aspect. But, given smaller and smaller devices that increasingly do more (think of the evolution of the cell phone), minimizing the Space aspect can be important also.

There is sometimes a difference made between a data structure and an abstract data type (ADT). An ADT describes the public interface of a data structure: the type of data and the valid operations on the data. An ADT, however, does not consider an implementation, and this is the essential difference.

Introduction to Computability and Complexity


Preliminaries of Data Organization

ADTs and Data Structures

Linear Structures



Unordered Collections

CS2: Data Structures
Theory of Computation - ADT Preliminaries
Linear ADTs - Tree ADTs - Graph ADTs - Unordered Collection ADTs

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